Thinking aloud

Sometimes I worry a lot about being consistent in everything that I start. There are times when I’ve felt like giving up on many things including baking. I recently started vlogging and I already thought about quitting, just for a moment there.

When I started my YouTube channel, I knew exactly what I was open to talk about, that is, anything interesting, but then, things that would at least make a difference in people’s lives. I’m now realizing that it takes a lot of courage and wisdom to do these things. I’ve only been on YouTube for just a month now and I’ve been trying to follow the statistics on every post I make, just to know what people like to watch and to improve on these. I’ve found out so far, that personal or rather intimate stories are most watched compared to those that are less personal. It’s like people like to know their Youtuber really well, what they do, what they buy, who they are with, what goes on in their lives.

The danger in this is that, in trying to maintain good viewership, a Youtuber will go to great lengths, like living beyond means or faking a good life altogether. Nobody wants to show the world that they are in some kind of a hole, and until shit hits the fan, the outside world would never know the struggles these people have. No wonder we are often told to not believe the lives on social media. Many people are forced to fake their lives just to keep up. The other danger that Youtubers are exposed to is being attacked, cyber bullied to be precise. See, the minute one starts sharing their life with the world, they become vulnerable to it. It’s almost impossible to stop anyone sitting behind their own computer or phone from spreading lies or rumours about someone else. These are the hazards of the job, I understand and just like I talked about perception on YouTube, almost everybody experiences this. Haters are gonna hate. Lovers are gonna love (I just made this up). I am trying to develop a thick skin, for when or if I am bullied but I also want to stick to my truth, so that I’m not castigated for what is non-existent. Not that I’m trying to impress anyone, I just think it’s easier to be at peace when there’s honesty. There are people who will not like what I talk about, what I wear, how I talk or walk and what not. I may not post about going to fancy places, buying expensive clothing, living the life, quenching my desires or whatever, but i’ll sure as heaven (it doesn’t always have to be hell, does it?), try to stick to my truth.

Now that i’m beginning to know what sells, i still intend to have life changing discussions, even simple ones like how to use water sparingly, along with other interesting narratives of how I spend my days, if I die, I die (figurative) hehehe. My family happens to be very supportive of me, although they would rather be behind the camera, they might appear once in a while, only when they give me the green light.

It’s always better to try out something than live a tortured life of what ifs, so cheers to Youtube, cheers to writing, cheers to more learning, cheers to many other beautiful things yet to come, so many cheers! I do hope some of my posts make a difference, even if slight.

Here’s the link: Subscribe, like, share, comment. Thank you.


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