Pregnancy cravings

There are many different theories on pregnancy cravings. According to a science research article by the Boston University, In medieval times, famed rabbi, physician, and philosopher Maimonides adopted the existing Greco-Roman theory that cravings were the result of an imbalance in bodily humors – fluids thought to influence a person’s physical and mental qualities. The Western approach to pregnancy cravings leans heavily on the idea that cravings are thought to be a Darwinian mechanism to meet the body’s demand for certain nutrients, while studies have seen associations between certain cravings and maternal diet deficiencies (e.g. when women crave clay to fulfill an iron deficiency), researchers are uncertain about the causal direction; did the deficiency occur because of abnormal eating habits, or did the craving occur because of the deficiency?. Science, on the other hand, shows that the physiological changes accompanying pregnancy cravings have a neuronal and hormonal basis, it is yet to offer a strong theory as to how these cravings have come about.

“Can we stop here please? I want some sugarcane” I asked bae as we drove along Ngong’ road. “Can that wait?” bae asked. ” No, plus, I need to get sugarcane from these guys here…if we go any further, we might not get any”. I was with child and had a barrage of hormones that made me an emotional hurricane and also gave me lots of cravings. If there’s anyone who suffered during my second pregnancy it was non other than bae, I thank God for his patience because I know I was a real pain in the **glass*. I love you babe :-). I think pregnancy hormones just overdo this craving thing though and sometimes I look back and ask “what was that?!” Because it was so crazy!

I don’t remember exactly when my cravings started, I just know they were never early. During my first pregnancy, I mostly craved healthy foods. I always wanted something healthy, no fast foods, a veggie here, a fruit there, it felt great. I hated chips, the smell of onions and cooking oil could make me retch and I loved samosas…ndengu samosas( mung beans/green grams) and my oh my, I had an appetite for them. I was working in Dadaab refugee camp the whole time I was pregnant, I could eagerly wait for my leave days, go to Nairobi and look for ndengu samosa vendors in Nairobi, I was always so determined to find them. Whenever I found one, I used to order like ten samosas, ate three as I waited for the rest of the samosas to be packed, they were always so hot and fresh, I loved them. I ate samosas every day of my leave and I always took two weeks of leave…so you can imagine.


When I was expecting my second child, I had so many different cravings and they were so bad, not healthy at all…my son was demanding! There’s a time bae had to drive around town at night looking for meat pie…I wanted the meat pie made in a certain way, I remember I was very specific when I asked him to get me some meat pie. He couldn’t find the one I wanted, the craving never went away. The following day, thankfully, I got the meat pie that I wanted.

I recently watched a very funny video on Facebook, an expectant wife was pleading with her husband to ask their neighbour for a meal because she just loved the aroma from their neighbour’s house. She didn’t want the husband to order the same food from a restaurant, she specifically wanted the neighbour’s food, though reluctant, the husband obliged and luckily the neighbour was very understanding and gave him a plate of food, wifey was the happiest.


There’s just something about pregnancy cravings that make them so strong, if you go a day without what you crave for, you find yourself so sad and generally out of sorts. I could crave raw mangoes with lots of pepper…mahindi choma (roasted maize) was like a daily meal, croissants, it didn’t help that I live near a Java restaurant and I love their croissants, I even learnt how to bake croissants, I actually did! It was all because of the cravings. Then there was waffles…I always got my yummy waffles from the Spur steak ranch restaurant at the Mayfair Southern Sun hotel, bae even got me a waffle iron so I could make waffles anytime I wanted. Then I liked chocolate a lot, I loved Bounty chocolate, I used to finish a whole packet of 13 or 18 chocolate bars within a few days…I also learnt how to make bounty chocolate bars… I was on a whole new level of creative, I also was a big fan of bounty chocolate cake, I still am. There was also the baguette craving with lots of milk, sardines…gosh, I was a foodie.


According to old wives tales, your favourite pregnancy food may tell you what sex your baby is. If you crave sweet foods, it’s a girl, if you crave salty, it’s a boy. I know this has worked for some people, my second time was a mix of sweet and salty and I had a boy, so I couldn’t really tell until I had a scan.

I have heard of women having very weird cravings, I am not even judging but the smell of gas? How weird! There’s also laundry scent craving , rubber smell craving, shoe-polish smell craving, paper craving ( You eat papers), wash cloth craving..sucking on wet wash cloths, thihihihi! Soap craving, you just want to eat some soap, sweat smell craving…like wth! Chalk craving, the list is endless. Pregnant women can crave anything because pregnancy is just weird like that and it’s also a beautiful experience. It’s however important that pregnant women try as much as possible to eat healthy and to take care of themselves for the sake of the little one.

What was your craving? What did your wife crave? How interesting was it? Feel free to share… I need a good laugh.




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