When children fall sick

This is my first and only post this week…this last day of the week. I finally found some time and peace of mind to sit down and write something. I have had a super hectic week. My kids fell sick, both of them at the same time.

It all started about four weeks ago..yeah, I know, it’s quite long time. My daughter came back from school really sneezing..she had caught a flu. It’s always said that when children start school, they get sick a lot, it helps them build their immunity, so this was expected, also, it wasn’t the first time she was coming back from school with a flu. We all caught this flu and after some days we all had this crazy cough and really bad flu. Three weeks later, we still had flu. When we hit the fourth week, the kids started getting frequent fevers. It only took us a day to realize there was something more happening.

The funny thing with kids is that one minute they can be really sick and the next they are so ‘alive and kicking’, you can never really tell that what they have is getting serious unless you closely monitor them. On Monday morning we decided to take the kids to hospital, I had to call  Zawadi’s school to inform them that she wasn’t going to report that day. I checked their temperatures as we prepared to leave the house for the hospital, they were high, 38.3 and 38.5. I gave them paracetamol. The kids were so irritable and they both wanted mummy to carry them and hug them tight…bae was at work, I asked him to meet us at the hospital.


When we got to hospital, Baraka’s temperature was still high…his sister on the other hand, seemed to have improved and she was smiling at everyone. I like that the M.P Shah hospital in Village Market has a play area right in-front of the pediatrician’s office, it makes my work so easy, I don’t have to go looking for my babies when it’s their turn to see the doctor. I usually have this problem with other hospitals that have their play areas far from the ped’s . (I can’t even count the times I’ve had to literally, forcefully carry my daughter from the play area to the doctor’s office). The kids had blood tests and as we waited for the results, Zawadi decided she wanted to bowl, so went bowling. It was just my princess and I playing, Baraka fell asleep in my arms, bae had gone back to work and would join us again later. I was bowling with one arm and carrying my son with another, it was like a workout and still entertaining.


By the time we were finishing our second round, the little boy had woken up and little girl had fever again, we went back to hospital. The nice pediatrician informed us that the kids had a bacterial infection and it was bad. We already have a mini-pharmacy at home (because of kids, obviously), we went back home with more drugs and the kapharmacy (mini-pharmacy) was expanded yet again. What followed was a week of nursing our sick children, it wasn’t easy. There’s nothing as bad as helplessly watching a child endure a pain, the best you can do is to administer their medication and wait for it to work…of course, prayer always makes it better. The antibiotics also don’t taste so nice, honestly, so every time the kids had their doses, we’d follow up with some nice tasting pain-killer or sometimes water. Their appetites were bad, my daughter didn’t even want to eat strawberries, her favorite fruits ( normally, she finishes a whole packet of strawberries in a minute, like a joke).


After about five days, we went back to hospital for review and realized that not much had changed so we had to get different drugs again. It was a case of drug resistance. Anyway, not all is gloom, there’s been significant improvement in the last couple of days. The two mini-mees are back to their usual self; noisy, chaotic, dramatic, terrible and sweet.

This whole experience made me think about the stress that parents go through when a child/children fall(s) sick. Basically, my life stopped so I could tend to them. I can’t even imagine how depressing it is, when a parent, for one reason or the other, is unable to be with their child through this phase. I just remembered how my parents used to get so frustrated whenever I fell sick, because, as a child, I hated drugs (I still do) and I would throw up every time I took drugs and then ask for chips and soda, which my siblings would grab since I wouldn’t eat anyway. My daughter reminds me a lot about those days, she seems to have taken after me perfectly, only that she prefers water alone.. (a health-conscious child she is, hahaha)

closeup photography of bun with slices of sausage with bacon and melted cheese
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Anyway, my prayers and thoughts are with all those parents and guardians with sick children. May they be healed.

For this very reason and because I didn’t get to ‘celebrate’ International Women’s Day…I celebrate all women, especially mothers who naturally, sacrifice a lot for their children. Mothers are the only human beings who can catch grenades for their children…wale wengine ni pang’ang’a tu (loosely translated: any other opinion is hearsay). It’s amazing how strong and powerful women are…sometimes, we don’t even know it until a situation awakens it. Cheers to all women out there who make beautiful things happen, you are incredible. Special dedication to my own mum and my mum-in-law. My phenomenal women, the women who have constantly sacrificed their comfort for my sake.

woman lifting barbell
Photo by Leon Martinez on Pexels.com


“She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future”.




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2 thoughts on “When children fall sick

  1. Michelle Kimotho March 19, 2019 — 7:51 pm

    I celebrate you too,strength of a woman…glad to hear that the little ones are recovering

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