Pastor Alph Lukau

Yesterday I spent the better part of the day away from social media, when I got back I found drama, like I said in an earlier post, drama is good. On Facebook, I saw people making posts about a pastor Alph Lukau, some were talking about Lazarus. I didn’t check Twitter immediately. I remembered bae had earlier sent me a photo of a pastor raising someone from the dead and there was a white man looking on, extremely perplexed. I was in stitches, I just didn’t think it was going to be epic.


I watched the video. I saw the corpse’s mouth moving, at first I was like “wait, wait, wait…is this witchcraft?” The corpse clearly needed to swallow some saliva. I upped the volume to listen to what the pastor was saying and that is when I died. I collapsed into laughter, there was no way of controlling the laughter, I teared up, my stomach hurt, I was out of breath, I fell off my chair. To say that this was hilarious is a gross understatement. What made it worse was the #resurrectionchallenge that followed. Sincerely, for the first time in the history of social media responses, my extremities flailed aimlessly. I laughed hard. I lost it.


People, what in the world?! This guy even had a phone in his pocket…what kind of comedy is this?! Anyway, I have concluded that everyone who was near that casket, at the front especially, was part of the plan, even the white guy, even though he pleaded innocence on Twitter, we can’t believe him or rather I can’t believe him.


Anyway Pastor Alph Lukau is a South African based pastor who leads the Alleluia Ministries International Church, he is said to be a prophet as well. There was a time the same pastor was ‘healing’ patients in a ‘hospital’ ward. There were no medical staff spotted then and the patients were in plain clothes, no hospital attire and no medical equipment whatsoever except for hospital beds. It begs the question, why are people misusing religion?


I don’t like giving my opinion on preachers,  I tend to think it’s a dangerous ground, I fear God. In the Bible we see God choosing imperfect people, people with deep issues to be his representation. In this age however, we see some preachers doing very questionable things in the name of God. These people have thousands of followers, how does it feel to take advantage of a congregation’s vulnerabilities, how does it feel going to bed at night and having lied to people who have so much faith in you? I bet he feels nothing at all. Pastor Lukau is not the first preacher to be exposed though, closer home, we’ve seen the potassium permanganate stunts and all funny, pathetic things happening in church.


It has become a business to many, there are those who are genuinely called to serve… and I guess most or perhaps some people can now discern clearly. Preach prosperity, perform extreme miracles, you will achieve your goal. This however, does not apply to every preacher, I believe there are those whose miracles are true, whose prophesies are true, who serve the one true God. So is it safe to say that we should stay vigilant? I guess so. People fear God and its sad to see others taking advantage of that fear, using that fear for personal gain.




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